12-Year-Old Popular Busker Girl Sings Sheeran’s “Supermarket Flowers” And It’s Better Than Original…Wow!

About This Video:

In the video shared underneath, Allie has perfectly covered Ed Sheeran’s “Supermarket Flowers” and it’s something that nobody should miss!

In the video, Allie positions herself on a hustling and bustling road in Ireland and belts out the number with so much energy, while hitting all the correct notes to the tune. The verses are already so intense since Sheeran’s mother had thought of them in memory of her own mom (the vocalist’s grandmother). So when you match the sentiments of the melody with Allie’s voice, you get such a profound and touching performance.

She transferred this video on Youtube at some point in June, and from that point forward she’s been accumulating such a significant number of positive reviews. We’re certain she couldn’t be more joyful!

Despite the fact that the young lady is only 12-years of age, her voice sounds so developed and her presence is felt all through the performance. Allie’s type of singing is called busking, and she’s turn into a well known busker on Grafton Street in Ireland; she’s currently a nearby VIP.

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