Susan Boyle’s Brilliant Rendition Of “Unchained Melody” Is So Powerful Everyone Has Goosebumps

About This Video:

Prepare for a delightful and touchy rendition of a long-lasting classic. With the voice of a blessed messenger, Susan Boyle is the ideal match for this exemplary tune. “Unchained Melody” has been synonymous with The Righteous Brothers as far back as the 50’s, however Susan Boyle conveys such appeal to her version that it catches our hearts once more.

Susan Boyle’s voice singing this song influences it to sound so fair, even honest. She has a particularly young tone to her voice, yet her development in music enables her to sing these more established works of art so normally. Long-lasting fanatics of the Righteous Brothers concur that Susan nails it, in her own special way, and when she sings the high notes, you will be persuaded of her sheer ability!

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