This Kitty Approaches The Water, Watch What Happens When This Dolphin Comes Up. Pure Awesomeness!

About This Video:

Love, at first sight, is witnessed in this short clipping. The curious cat is sitting with her owners on the boat and gazing out into the ocean. She hates water and now she seems to be surrounded by it. It is astonishing to see so much water and she feels unsteady in the boat that seems to be moving with the water.

It is in such a puzzling situation that she sees a strange creature. A huge dolphin pops out from the water. It is huge in size and has eyes and a wide mouth. It jumps out from the water and touches the cat with its mouth, giving the cat a kiss. The cat is astonished. What is it? What is it trying to do to her? What a huge monster? Even as she is pondering on this and the actions of the dolphin, there are two more rising out of the ocean.

The dolphin pops out from the waters and wants to caress the cat. The cat is astonished. He had seen nothing like her, neither has he seen such huge moving waters, the water he abhors. But out pops the cute dolphin with its smiling mouth and wants to touch her. He is moved with the massage on her head. The mistress reaches out to the dolphin. The cat reaches out too. The dolphin veers away but comes again, with another dolphin. The dolphin and the cat kiss each other. The cat lends his head to be massaged. The other dolphin takes over and caresses the cat. The touching scene goes on amidst shouts of glee of the cat’s owners. Now another one pops out of the water. There is a third dolphin coming closer and trying to get close to the cat and the cat reaches out to get a better head massage. The dolphin is pleased with the cat and stands comfortably by the side of the boat while the cat reaches out to it. The loving touch goes on and the people are enjoying the show with their video cameras and shouts of joy.

The head of the dolphin is of such a huge size that the entire body of the cat seems puny beside the head of the dolphin. The huge sea creature shows his love and the little land creature returns it. It is love at first sight but a sight that is adorable and cute. It is the show of nature that all are one, be it land or sea.

Dolphins are strange creatures; in most confined areas like parks and aquariums, dolphins are trained to come close to the human beings, let the human pat the dolphin and other such things. But this is applicable only to trained dolphins. The easiest way to train a dolphin is to bring it up in the sanctuary from the time it was born. But sometimes, nature has a remarkable way of surprising you. The animals which you believed were simple creatures are more complex than humans can imagine.

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