Recovering Addict Saves Dog From Being Euthanized, At First She Won’t Even Look At Him

About This Video:

It has been said over and over again that dog is man’s best friend and this video has proved it to be really true. In fact this video has shown that this principle is highly replicable. Dog is best friend to man as much as man is best friend to dog.

This time, in this video, there were lives involved. The principle of mutual exclusivity is at play, man and dog saved each other’s lives. The story is just amazing all in itself. In addition to being amazing, the story is also extremely touching, I almost cried.

The dog’s name is Clove and the man’s name is PJ. PJ is a recovering alcohol addict and he met Clove, he decided to do a very noble thing. That is to give his newly found best friend Clove, the best life ever.

What started as just another casual friendship between the two which involved simple walks later quickly scaled to involve hikes, outings, road trips, fun in the parks and even tourism. To PJ, Clove is not just a dog, she is a companion, together they’ve experienced things and Clove is like an inspiration to PJ. She gives him resolve to give up his addiction habits.

This is just an amazing relationship between two different species of animals that are not even closely related.

Basically, Clove and PJ are now really inseparable. Clove is now a huge part of PJ and to Clove, PJ is a saviour.

Really, it’s just amazing. There are some guys who believe that animals cannot add meaningful value to their lives. Well, I would strongly disagree, especially today, after learning about the touching story of Clove and PJ.

So rarely would you see such a story, it’s really unusual.

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