These 16 Russian Dancers Stand Perfectly Still. Watch When They Start To Move… You Won’t Be Able To Look Away

About This Video:

At first glance, I was like, whoa. How is this even possible. I admit, I might be a fan of Michael Jackson and in my life, I’ve watched all his music videos including the famous moonwalk.

But with all the admiration I have of Michael, I had to say that what these Russian dancers did just mesmerized me to another level. I can even safely assume that a seed of doubt has been planted in me. I’ll have to call my mom and tell her that MJ is no longer my favorite dancer anymore.

These Russian girls are just beyond amazing and magic just isn’t the best word to describe this awesome dance move. I had to go through the video after viewing it for the first time to look for Hover boards or any belts that might have assisted them to pull this stunt off but I just couldn’t find anything suspicious.

In doing more research, I finally figured out that the dance routine is very natural but it’s a traditional Russian dance referred to as Beriozka. This dance was perfectly crafted in such a way that it presents an illusion that makes it seem as if the dancers are floating above the stage.

It’s so real that it looks as if they are walking on air, amazing! What’s happening on the surface though is, the dancers are tiptoeing on their toes and this has made me appreciate them more. This is just amazing talent!

Whilst some dancers would need third party assistance to pull of such a stunt, these guys are doing it so naturally, respect for the Russians, you just beat MJ’s moonwalk. Thumbs up guys. Amazing stunt. Or rather, toes up!

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