This Guilty Labrador Offers The Most Adorable Apology For The Mess He Made

About This Video:

Dogs are man’s best friend and time and again, they have stood true to that reputation. They do not mess around when it comes to loyalty. The loyalty of a dog is unshakable. In addition to loyalty they tend to be also really sensitive and emotional. A dog can have a bad day just because you’ve been harsh to him.

If there is one thing that a dog will never stop doing, it’s being loyal to you. They are faithful to their core and they always give you the best of company. They even try sometimes. However, this doesn’t mean that they can’t be naughty. Dogs have a tendency of becoming mischievous from time to time.

Just take for instance, this adorable black Labrador. This precious pooch is a well-behaved boy, but one day he decided to dig through the trash, while hiding from his owner. This left a big mess on the floor. Unluckily for him, his mom caught him. The poor guy had no one else to blame either, so he knew he had to apologize.

He didn’t want mom to be angry with him, so he asked for her forgiveness in the most adorable way! Even though he is a fully grown dog, he nails his puppy dog eyes! Who would be able to remain angry at such a cutie!

What is the most adorable way, you may ask. Dogs are good at a lot of stuff but they are extremely good at one thing, and that is cuddling. So this cute Labrador had to do what he knew best in order for his problem with his mom to go away and he did exactly that, he offered mom a cuddle. The gesture was so sweet, it definitely deserves a watch, you will enjoy it!

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