This Scared Mom Hides In The Corner, But Watch What Happens When She Sees Her Puppies

About This Video:

Moms are some of the greatest blessings on earth, be it for dogs or for humans. Sometimes they are forced to be braved in dangerous situations just because they are not afraid to risk it all for their children, it’s just amazing how it all happens.

For animals like dogs, the feelings and everything that happens are all heightened. Why? Because such animals are instinctive, they rely on the most basic and purest of instincts to survive and they do this so well. I believe that moms in animals will feel such emotions deeply as compared to humans. Why? Because sometimes, as humans we have such luxury, we can chose to love or to act but for animals, acting is a necessity which is why this mom did what she did when she saw her cute little puppies.

In the video, these two frightened dogs were found alone and surrendered to the Marin Human Society, MHS. The staff were expects in dog affairs so they quickly managed to get the dogs to trust them but the story was different for the female Chihuahua as she continued to be defensive. The guys at the MHS were baffled as to why this was happening so they set out to investigate more. Soon they found out that the Chihuahua was being defensive because she had recently given birth.

The Society got to investigate on the whereabouts of the puppies and found that they had been adopted by a certain family. They did their best to try and convince the family to give up the little pups and the family agreed to this arrangement. The puppies were bought to her and on seeing her puppies, the way in which the little Chihuahua reacted made me cry. What a great video!

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