Teen Finds Wallet In Shopping Cart With $1,500 Inside, Watch What Happens Next!

About This Video:

Values are important characteristics that are being forgotten in this modern world. Money is constantly being chased. Every action and every move needs money. With costs escalating, having a few dollars in the pocket is becoming a rarity. If in such situations, you get a handful of money, what would you do? What would matter most? Upholding honesty or meeting urgent needs? Which is essential? Value or necessity?

This little teen from Beaumont, Texas, is an example to others. He did, what was not expected from him. Kameron Grigsby was working at the HEB grocery store. He was just sorting out the shopping carts when he found IT. A wallet containing $1,500 worth of money and even more important was a cell phone in another basket.

Kameron was amazed at his findings. He had always wanted a good cell phone and some cash to meet his needs. After all, he was working in a grocery store to meet his needs and his needs were many. It’s astounding, when he mentions his first thought on seeing the wallet and the phone.

He says “My first thought was the about the person who had lost it. Maybe he had kept the money in it for making payments towards his house note or car note”. He felt “the money is not mine and it has to reach the rightful owner”. Can you expect such high thoughts from a little teenager who is working to make his ends meet? Kameron’ values are high. His values are displayed through his activities. It is practice not preach.

So, what did Kameron do? He walks up to his manager, reports the missing wallet to the manager and his mission is accomplished. The rightful owner comes in to take back his wallet, thanking Kameron gratefully. The phone was handed back to the woman, when she was contacted over the phone .The delighted woman thanks Kameron and he is satisfied.

To whom goes the credit? Kameron feels that his football coach had made him what he is today? He was not only his coach; he was his tutor and mentor. He had coached him in football. He imparted high values along with football coaching. Kameron is a Central High School football player and now a teenager upholding strong principles and values.

What does he say to the young folks out there? Kameron says that values are not only for learning, it should be practiced too. He felt right about handing things to their rightful owners. Once you choose the right path, just keep on. What you do will come back to you. He feels that his action of returning the cash and the cell phone will come back to him three-fold.

This act of kindness has won Kameron a great name. People who get to know his little selfless act are pleased and try to share it with others. Little acts and little deeds go a long way to speak to others.

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