Mom Is Baffled When Flight Attendant Kicks Her Off The Plane. She Quickly Realizes It Was For Her Own Good

About This Video:

Traveling via airplane is the best and fastest way to reach anywhere in the world. There are many airlines but the question arrives is which one is best. Well, Southwest airlines is one of the best to provide comfort and a friendly feel. This airline is always keeps its promises and provides the best service as much as it can. And it always proves itself as the leader in this field. On the other hand, some airlines don’t even look much for customer service as they promise.

There is an incident related to southwest airlines which is an example of their customer service. A lady named Peggy Uhle, mother; got a ticket from Chicago, Illinois to Columbus, Ohio. She checked in and got to her seat in the plane. After a couple of minutes, the plane headed back to the gate and one flight attendant approached her. Uhle was guessing that she is on the wrong plane by mistake. The flight attendant told her to leave that plane. She felt a little surprised and finally asked what happened. The gate agent told her to head back to the check in desk.

Check out what happened:

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