Dad Brings Home A New Puppy, Watch The Cat Proceed To Throw A Fit. Lol

About This Video:

Animals can be so amusing and fun to be around especially when the special relationship involves two animal species, dogs and cats.

This is a classic tale of what is so common even among humans especially that moment when another child is born to a family. Jealousy issues will always arise regardless of how cute the other child might be, there will always be a challenger. Although jealousy issues for children in families be it cat or dogs or any animals are popular, the story is well beyond obvious for cats.

In this video, the child in question is a cat and apart from cute in appearance, the innocent cat had a very cute name. He was named Cato. The new member of the family was cute looking puppy. Cato did not in any way try to hide his feeling on the new family acquisition plus it was a sister this time around.

Although it was a classical display of affection and jealousy by Cato, the owner of the two pets was quick to point out that neither animal between Cato and the new puppy were in danger. It was just a classical tale of two animals having to conveniently play brother and sister, no harm done. Cato was only allowed to watch the puppy through the window, and they were not introduced until much later, after he had had some time to grow accustomed to her presence. His owner says that he is still a little sore about having to share the spotlight, but he and his doggy sis are now coexisting just fine.

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