This 5 Year Old Piano Prodigy Plays For His 101-Yr-Old Grandma, Her Final Request Has Him Almost In Tears.

About This Video:

Ryan Virtuso must be the most talented boy in his age group due to his ability to deliver really touching and electric performances. The kid is a superhero with the keyboard and throughout all his aired plays, he has continuously shown an uncanned ability because whenever he plays, he never misses a single key.

These spectacular displays of his talent got him the attention of Ellen and the boy has been playing on special editions of the Ellen Show ever since. When he played at the Ellen Show, he managed to attract a large crowd such that the hall was packed. Later on, he played at the Historic Carnegie hall, and he also managed to attract a huge crowd without having to hire a more popular supporting act.

It is through these two shows were he met his favorite fan who really enjoyed his work and talent. He had to hold a one on one playing session with his best fan, a woman almost a century older than him. The lady’s name was Landry. When the session commenced, the young boy, Ryan, played the classical song, ‘Variations on an Inner Mongolian Folk” at a recital that was organised and arranged by the Canadian digital music group, CBC music.

When Dorothy Landry was asked more on the boy, she told an amazing story of how she became aware of him, he was just three years old at the time. She made it a point to attend one of Ryan’s concerts but it wasn’t that much interesting for her as she couldn’t hear clearly. Which is why CBC interfered by arranging a private recital for them.The two had an interesting discussion and Ryan played another amazing song for Dorothy. It’s amazing.

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