After Being Locked 17 Hours In A Crate, This Abused Dog Is About To Meet Her New Family

About This Video:

Animals play an important role in the life of a human being and dogs are the only animal which is called as the best friend of the human being. A human being can be intelligent but can’t be loyal as much as a dog is. Every country has dogs but some live in the home and some stray on street. If someone adopts a dog then he/she inspire others to help. If no one adopts a dog then they end up dying with the accident or becoming the part of meat market trade. This may feel cruel but people eat dog in some Asian countries like China or Thailand.

There is a story of a female pup called as Kanya. This is a stray dog of Thailand’s street. This dog and her family were used to live on the street. Everyone neglected these and the dogs will end up injured due to accidents or disease. The other issue with Thailand is that people eat dog meat here. This is sure that if no one care for a dog than that will end up being the food of many in Thailand. There are 9 more dogs in Kanya’s family. A wise family from America rescued these dogs and brings them to home in America. Now all these are part of this Good Samaritan family.

This family provides generous donation to bring all these to America. A team closed all of these dogs in crates and taken them to the airport. After some inspection, the family takes them to Los Angeles in California. They loaded all of these crates to take them home and opened every crate. Dogs may have no idea but they are safe now. She is adopted by a family which will take care of them, feed them on time and the most important thing is to love them. This family got help from K9 Aid and LIFE Animal Rescue to get permission.

There is a video of this beautiful story on YouTube and other social media. The video got lots of shares in a couple of hours. There are only many people who are kind to animals but they don’t move forward to help. This kind of video is the motivation for everyone. Every animal is precious and it is necessary to save them. If someone went out with a dog on street then he/she will find many to say wow or take selfie with a beautiful dog but no one will help the needy one. There are many NGOs and other people who are engaged in helping animals and rescuing them. If you find any animal who needs help then you can contact to any NGO.

The video of Kanya teaches us to be nice and kind with every living thing. Working volunteer is the hardest thing in starting but later on, people appreciate your work. Just start from one animal and then try with more. This thing will give you self-satisfaction and you won’t feel lonely living with animals.

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