Human Jumps Into Action After Mother Elephant Tries Desperately To Wake Up Her Baby.

About This Video:

Social media world is so large and if someone shares an awesome video then it becomes popular in a couple of days. These days, an elephant mother video is trending which is uploaded on YouTube. This is just 1.02 minute video in which the mother is trying to wake her child up. This is true that animals are very different from a human being but when it comes about feelings then both of them are quite alike. If you are a mother or have seen someone, then you may notice that human also do the same. In this video, Elephant mother is checking that her baby is alive or not by placing her trunk on his chest. Actually, she is trying to figure out that the baby is breathing or not.

On the other hand, the baby is completely fine but he is sleeping without any consciousness. As you have seen in the footage that baby’s mother is concerned about the child and she is desperately waiting for baby’s response. The mother tried many methods and nothing work. Finally! Two man jumps into this situation and one person goes to mother elephant and second to the baby. After trying a little wake child the man also feels same that why the baby isn’t waking up. As this rescue man show some more efforts by pushing baby up from back then finally he wakes up. Baby got surprised and run toward mother elephant. This is quite funny or interesting to watch that human baby also do the same. Try to wake a kid in the middle of his/her sleep; this is sure that he/she will cry for mummy.

Furthermore; you have seen or not that mother is looking really happy to watch her child. Baby elephant got afraid from rescue men and hide between mother elephant legs like a human child hide in arms of a mother. According to the zoo, the baby is not named and he has a habit of sleeping silently. Always his mother tries to wake him up because she doesn’t feel right when the baby is not responding for a long. Some people commented that why zoo rescue team help them always? Well, the rescue team is always there for this elephant mother to help. The baby is in a safe environment and if he isn’t waking then this means he is habitual of getting deep sleep. This is also a habit of a human being and the only difference is that we sleep on bed or sofa but animal sleep where they feel comfortable.

This video has more than 5M of views and 5K likes for this adorable scene. Finally, it proves from this video that a mother love is a mother love; there is nothing greater than this. Many people were having the feeling that when the rescue man arrived then he was having a hunter in his hand. Some think that he will beat the baby elephant to wake him up. Some were guessing that he is there to take mother elephant away from the child. But everything goes little different from imagination.

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