Golden Retriever And His Owner Impress The Crowd With Their Awesome Grease Dance Performance

About This Video:

Can dogs dance? This little canine, answers your question, through its little jig, for the song “You’re the one that I want”.

Its action time and the little doggy is with his mistress, in for a dance competition, inter-species competition to be more specific.

Watch the look of adoration, the little dog gives its mistress as, as they walk into the arena to give a performance. They proudly march in, as they are introduced to the others.

The doggy just winds through the legs of his mistress easily, deftly without hesitation. As the song begins they do a back-trot and get started on their splendid performance.

Its looks like John Travolta and Olivia are back in action, as they give their little jig. They just twirl round and round with grace and great synchronization. The timing is perfect and they are in perfect tune. The audience gives a loud applause as they move gracefully with timing.

It’s now time for the mistress to take over, as she moves and twirls, with the dog posing without movement, for his mistress to finish her moves.

The duo are perfectly made for each other, they dance together with rhythm and timing. Watch as doggy moves backwards and twirls beautifully with his mistress, as the applause goes louder.

The leg movements are great. It would disgrace any human being as doggy is perfect in her steps. Not a step out of place. Maybe it is a feeble attempt of Travolta, the great dancer, but Travolta would have definitely given a standing attention to the duo. The applause is even heavier as the duo dance beautifully. Not a step out of place as they twirl all through the arena with great pleasure and enjoyment.

The audience is enthralled by the performance of the duo. They show their appreciation through their loud cheers and applause. It’s a mixture of little twirls, half twirls, a jig here and a jig there, but it is perfectly made. They just tap through the heart of the audience, as they enjoy the music and give their performance. The duo is deeply involved with the song that they do not even look at the crowd. So immersed are they in their movements, as they look adoringly into each other.

It’s a dance of joy, a dance that Travolta would have been proud of. The canine animal is a sheer delight by itself. But the way it matches its step with its owner is indeed very admirable. It keeps perfect timing as it gives its jigs. They just dance to their hearts content and their steps become more intense and fast. The dog is admirable in its movements.

Was it great practice or love that made them a perfect match for each other? Just watch the dog jump into the embrace of its mistress as the music ends. What timing? It’s incredible to watch the steps of the two, performed with ease and grace. The audience just gets up to show its admiration for the great duo.

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