Cows Jump For Joy When They See Sky And Grass For First Time In 6 Months

About This Video:

It’s season time in Netherlands. The climate is warmest during the summer months. Spring is getting over and summer is beginning. The climate is becoming warm. The breeze is blowing. The cold season is changing.

The cows are getting to see the blue sky after many cold months. There is a huge crowd gathered outside the farm in Netherlands. The Friesian cows have been indoors for many months. It’s been dark and cold for so long, inside the shed.

But now, the grass is green and the sky is blue. The weather is superb. An entire crowd is waiting with us, to watch the cows being let out. The air-tight doors are opened and the cows are let out. They have seen the first light of day and are delighted.

The cows frisk out. They are huge cows, but the leaps and bounds are so astonishing. Are these the cows that have looked so still and lifeless for so long, in the cold winter? How do they carry their huge bulk when they leap out? Hear the moos and grunts. They are so excited.

The land is vast, the grass is green, the sky is blue and there are white clouds racing across in the sky. Lifting up their forelegs, the cattle do their little jig. Their sound is heard so loud. They have been locked up for so long, that the very idea of stretching out their legs is so delightful. The cows just frolic around like little lambs. Don’t they feel their weight? They are leaping out like little lambs.

They seem like little children playing in the park. The crowd is so delighted. As an onlooker, we feel like cheering with them. Welcome to the light. Welcome to the grass.

Oh! It’s beautiful to feel the fresh air, to munch through the green grass. The beautiful smell! How refreshing!

The cows are given a standing ovation. Some clap, some cheer. What is my reaction? I feel so touched by the avid eagerness in the movement of the cows in the meadow.

The cows are first hesitant to come out of the darkness, when the light is let in through the door. But when they realize it is broad daylight and there is fresh air coming in with warm sunlight, they just push each other in coming out. The ones coming out are impatient in coming out to enjoy the sunlight.

They are happy. You can almost hear the delight in their loud moos. Their delight is expressed in their jumps and trots. They run, jump and skip through the entire pasture. The children clap in delight. They can feel the excitement too. The elders are taking a snap of these little creatures. Videos are taken.

The place is vast. The green grass beckons them. They butt playfully into each other. No one bothers about being pushed aside. The excitement in the air is so great and they have a cheering audience in you and me.

Welcome to the land of light and sun!!!

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