If you blow on your thumb, It Will Have This effect on your body.

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Here are a few tips to get perfect cure without any medicine, without any pain and without spending anything.

The scratch in your throat can be treated by scratching your ear. You can relax, by splashing some cold water on your face; you can ignore the prick of the needle, when you give blood, by distracting your mind with some other thoughts; stuffy noses can be cleared by applying force on the mouth-roof with the tongue and by pressing your eyebrows; burn scars can be reduced by gently rubbing your fingers on the affected area; toothache can be treated by placing ice cubes on the back of the hand and you can get rid of your nervousness by blowing on the thumb.

To get rid of migraine, just watch this little video shot. You can get introduced to some pressure points by which our ancestors were treated.

You can start with pressing against both sides of the spine. Move your hands upwards, right up to the base of the skull. Gently massage as shown in the video.  Just a few rotations would do.

Next you can massage the pressure points located in the web of the hand, just between the index finger and the thumb. Massage them slowly, without applying pressure as seen in the video. You can feel all pain disappear from the body.

Another important pressure point is the region between the big toe and the second toe. The exact area is two thumb gaps above this webbed area. Just remember the exact location, as it is very important.

In the same manner, massage the area of the shin bone, which is located at a hand distance, above the ankle. Just keep rubbing, as seen in the video.

Finally you can rub against the inner portion of the eyebrow and the temple area, which is the flat area located beside the eye. Rub it slowly, gently. It does wonders to the head and its ache.

Just use your thumb and fingers. Massaging is to be done slowly and without applying too much pressure. It is a handy thing to do when you have severe headache. Improving the quality of life is essential to basic living. These are important tools and tricks that everyone should know.

Pressure points can be massaged by applying slight pressure, using the fingers of one’s own hands. It can also be done for others. It is one of the cheapest and the oldest form of healing. There are so many more types of treatments that can cure all ailments, just by applying pressure on the various pressure points. Getting relief need not be done only through medicines. All it requires is a gentle touch of the fingers. By applying slight pressure on the various parts of the body, pain can be overcome.

Making use of such pressure points can be done only by knowing about it. With much exposure to other treatment methods, treatment through the pressure points has been totally ignored. Awareness will help in getting treated for free.

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