Baby Elephant Sees A Scary Goat. Reacts Just Like Any Baby Would. LOL

About This Video:

Baby elephant is cute and adorable, feel the tourists. Baby elephant is assured of his mama’s presence a short distant away and allows the tourists to photograph her. She poses gracefully and gets caressed in return.

Overwhelmed by all the admiration and gentle caresses, baby elephant enjoys all the love and attention she gets. There are many Oohs, Aaahs! …And lights flashing from cameras. It’s a great world feels elephant calf, with so many admirers. The humans are good, they like me and admire me, feels the elephant calf.

The world is perfect. Mama is nearby, admirers are in plenty, there is water to drink and play with. There are plenty of trees and plants and food to eat.

Suddenly from the corner of her eyes, the baby elephant identifies a strange puny creature. Its small, but she had never seen such a thing in her entire life. The lively little creature was bounding up near her. The elephant calf, which was enjoying all the friendly reactions from the human beings, stood alert with its head erect. She watched the little creature. What was it? Is it something to be feared? It was so small. Should she fight it? It was nothing like the human creatures surrounding her.

She grows wary. She retreats. She stands alert. She slowly moves towards her mom. The crowd around her jeers at her scared reaction. The admiring crowd turns into a jeering crowd. Their laugh humiliates the elephant calf. But she does not care. She takes another foot backward and then another… And then another. She moves sideways without losing sight of the goat. Can she make it to her mom before the creature attacks? The inquisitive goat does not care about the elephant’s reaction. It just looks on as if to move forward.

The elephant calf is huge and the goat is so small, but elephant calf does not trust the puny creature. She looks too active, maybe the goat would attack her, you never know, in the wild. The elephant calf slowly nudges towards her mom. The active goat is bright eyed. She is inquisitive on why so many humans are surrounding the big monster. She does not understand that the elephant is just a calf. Neither does the elephant calf understand who or what the little goat is.

The goat is curious to understand what the commotion is all about. The elephant is scared about the little goat. Both look at each other. The elephant calf, which was moving warily sideward’s, suddenly gives a shout of fear and runs headlong towards her mom. Mom is just unmoved. She understands that the baby has to outgrow its little fears all by itself. After all, the world is a strange place with wicked things and animals in it. Baby calf has to overcome all these fears to survive on its own. She just gives a small pat and continues with her work of eating.

The elephant calf had provided a moment of laughter for the crowd watching her and for the crowd watching the video. And all is peace and quiet again. It’s these little episodes that make the world interesting.

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