Recovering Addict Adopts Dog From The Euthanasia List, But She Won’t Even Look At Him

About This Video:

Well, drug addiction is a serious problem of the youngsters and it is very hard to break the habit of using them. You can see in this video is love and support are given there is nothing impossible. The other thing that will come in your mind after watching this is dog Euthanasia which is the new excuse for many people to get rid of their old dog. The video is the new beginning of life. PJ and love both were fighting for the life. PJ used to be a drug addicted by fortunately after realizing the how pitiful life he was living, he quit and got clean. After this, he went to a dog shelter house to adopt a friend for new life.

The life of terrified dog Clove was also going downward. His name was included on the euthanasia list and twice they made attempt to kill this poor creature. Both Clove and PJ were living life on the edge.  It is very easy to break the faith of someone but it is very hard to get it. This also happens in their case at the very first day. Both were having a great problem in the interaction with each other. But PJ did not lose hope and decide to take Clove on a walk with him. There something wonderful happens. Both got an opportunity to come to know each other and that build a strong friendship.

It is very hard to believe but it is true that there is nothing more loyal than a pet. This pit Bull has shown still a ray of hope and now both have indestructible companionship. The video is also a great lesson for the people who always speak in favor of euthanasia for the dog. Simultaneously, the same fact can be seen for drug additives. Many doctors and professionals from the medical background say that it next to impossible to come back for the swamp of addiction. Strong will power and different way to see the life are the most important things which are required. The only thing that we need is an honest effort. With proper determination, dedication and devotion there is nothing which cannot be achieved. At least after watching this particular video you will also get convince for this.

The great thing about this video is that they have not made any kind of lecture to tell you about the importance of life. But they have proved it by giving the example of their own life. Both have changed the way of living their life and they have also tried to give some space to each other. Next to beautiful thing is that even after getting rejected by each other on the first day both of them were in the company of each other. There cannot be anything more interesting to see that how they started and take it to the next level. The efforts to give this message are also remarkable and you must watch and share this video as much as you can.

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