This Puppy Was Struggling To Swim In The Pool. Then, Mama Dog Came To The Rescue!

About This Video:

Swimming is great for those who are expert in it. This statement is applicable to both human being and animals. You can watch this video to break the wrong perception that all the dogs are born with great swimming skills. The video is very hard touching and explain everything about the emotions of these wonderful creatures as well. A child needs the mother most to survive in this world. Here you can see that when this little puppy was not capable of swimming in the water and trying hard to come out of the swimming pool, mother dog straight away jumped into the water to save the puppy.

Well, this is great rescue video in which a puppy was drowning the swimming pool. One thing is noticeable here that the person who was watching this entire incident through his camera could also try to save the life of the puppy. But the quick moment of big mama dog changed everything and made the moment very special. Through its fast dog paddles just in seconds, it reaches near the puppy. The puppy was till then tried his best to get out of the pool but could not succeed anyway.

Firstly the puppy tried to swim in the water but later it tried to get escape from the water. But the wall of swimming pool was little higher and water made the entire thing more sleepy. So in its attempt to get out of the water, it failed even after making many attempts. Then the mama dog reached there and helped the puppy to come out of the water. Even after this support when it was not able to go out then mamma dog went out of the pool and drag the little puppy in its mouth to a safe place.

The intelligence of this creature is remarkable here and very impressive. The feeling of motherhood makes this video very special and must to watch. However, there are thousands of other videos also available on the internet but this kind of live rescue is unmatched. Perhaps the dog owner was also watching this with care. May be he was just waiting to see how efficient his dog can be in the rescue operation. Well, let keep everything apart, if a dog can save the life of a little puppy with great efficient than there is no doubt the after the proper training it can also do many wonderful acts.

Great motivation can also be obtained through this video, particularly if you are in the profession of dog training. Most of the people just doubt on the skills of these innocent creatures. But after watching this you can be really amazed. Yes, these creatures need your attention and they can really do wonders if proper training and a positive atmosphere are provided to them.

Well on the other side, this is also eye opening for those dog owners who never worried about their pets keeping in mind that they can really swim without any problem. Small puppies need lots of care and they should be left alone near the pool.

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