These Native Americans Are Holding A Powwow. Suddenly, A Marine Enters And Steals The Crowd… Incredible!

About This Video:

Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma hosted a Powwow when this video was captured on June 21, 2014. The word Powwow stands for a meeting but for the Native American community these means leading spirituality. Well, the powwow is kind of social occasions where people get together with each other to get more socialize. In addition, this is also a great way to pay tribute to heritage and culture of their community.

The entire program is already very charming but at this particular pow wow, something special happened. A marine who was just a guest on this occasion started to dance with the performer and got the attention of everyone. The best part is that he was also properly dressed as US Marine. This astounding person was Lance corporal Marland Trey Kent and he amazed everyone by giving this act in the Iowa Powwow. In the video, it can be clearly seen that Marine is totally mixed up and dancing with Native American as it was an important part of his performance.

The Native American is also traditionally dressed up with dazzling headdress. He was already looking eye-catching but when he got the company from the marine everything become outstanding. Everybody in the audience was impressed by the wonderful sacred war dance. Soon both become center of the attraction and this video is also getting famous on the internet among millions.

Now you must be wondering about the union of Native American and US Marine. It is very important to know the fact that Native Americans have got the privilege to help the Armed forces during both World Wars. If you will look back in the history, you will be amazed to know the fact that more than forty-four thousands of Native Americans served in the military to protect the country. They are great warriors and proved their loyalty to mother land by giving the sacrifice of life many times.  They have served on almost all fronts with great bravery.

They are well known for courageous and gallantry act. Time to time they have also received many awards for this. The list of the award is very long but it is noteworthy to mention that award includes many honor and medals. Highly honorable tributes like purple hearts and Congressional Medals are also some of them. Due to their enthusiasm to serve the country and broad contribution they are highly accepted as an important part of the American legends and well-liked customs.

The video is a remarkable proof of the union of two cultures. Both are complementing each other perfectly. This unity is remarkable and creates a new sense of patriotism among everyone. There is nothing more valuable than serving your country. The love and affection of the audience are also more valuable than any award.  They have not only won on every front but here also on the social media successfully won the heart of every countryman. The marine has also paid the tribute to the tribe in his own way and made the union more strong.

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