Dry ice experiment

About This Video:

The Science experiments are always the center of the attraction for everyone. There are some special types of experiments which are frequently liked by children. Among them, dry ice experiment is on the tops. This video is about the use of dry ice. A Russian Hacker who used very little quantity of dry ice in his swimming pool to show the dynamic effects of it. However, dry ice is not a new thing and everyone is aware that it just solid state of carbon dioxide. It is also frequently used in the film industry to give the set special effects of fog. The Russian hacker used almost 30 pounds of dry ice for his experiments. He put that into the swimming pool and the water starts boiling like anything. Just in few seconds, the entire swimming pool was covered by smog. Children usually find this type of tests quite interesting and fascinated.

This can be a really fun loving act for the children. They like the live experiments of science.  These types of tests create a sense of curiosity among them. They also get eager to learn something new. The entire swimming pool gets covered by smog just in seconds which looks amazing. In the video, he has also mentioned that in some states the dry ice is banned. So, it is better not to do this test at home. If you are interested, check the rules and regulations first.

A general question which comes to mind is why the water reacted to ice in that way. It is better to know that dry ice is totally different from the general ice which is used at home. When you put the dry ice into the water it creates lots of mist but that is actually just water vapor. In addition to this, it got the name dry ice because it never melts. In other words, the normal ice turned into the water when it melts but the dry ice turned directly into gaseous carbon dioxide. In the language of science, it is known as sublimation.

The video is made in a beautiful manner to show this complex process in a very easy way. Even in the starting by the guy lost his balance and the box containing the dry ice fell down. But later he managed everything carefully and completed the task with great enthusiasm. In the next step as the water starts boiling, it looks really amazing. This video is outstanding for children to get their head around the use of dry ice.

However, you must have noticed that in the starting the Russian hacker did not use any type of precautions for his hands. But later in the video, he comes with gloves to pick the dry eyes. You must better know that taking the dry ice in hand is not safe. Particularly for children, it is very important to know about the safety measured while doing such experiments.  It is better to do something like with the company of elders. The best way to do enjoy the experiments is getting good knowledge about the substances which you are going to use. Still, the video is very nice and attract everyone to watch it till the end.

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