China group dance performance

About This Video:

The group dance is really a fantastic activity that everyone enjoys. In this particular video, a big group is giving a remarkable performance in China. The video has been taken for the CCTV channel. Special effects are used with great choreography which makes the audience go crazy. The movements of the artists are just like waves on some sort of liquid and you can’t even take your eyes off for a single second from this eye-catching performance. The entire stadium is pack form audience who are using their cameras to click a photo of this magnificent event of Nanjing Youth Olympics 2014. At the first glance, it seems like that they are just flying high up in the air without any aid.

With the special lightening effects, it needs an eye of detail to see that suspension wires are being used. Still, it is a mystery that how they can move theirs perfectly at so much height in the air. Making a different type of shapes up in the air without any mistake is something more than perfection.

The event is looking a perfection combination of cultural festival and sports. A light shadow of great gymnastic can also be felt in the performance that is making it outstanding. In order to give a performance like this great coordination and practice is required. What makes the audience more existed is that on the ground as well there was no protection. The entire technique, dance, shapes, movements and light effects are unique.

The entire scene was also captured through the different angles of many cameras of the entire event is also remarkable and it seems like that they must have taken the help of drone cameras to record this entire video in a beautiful manner. In the first steps, they make a shape of a beautiful flower and then started moving. With the movement, the color of the light also changes and it seems that a new galaxy is present in the stadium with different stars in it. The entire show was giving a dynamic feeling which you hardly see in the normal life. It resembles the astrological events like watching a Milky Way and birth of a new star.

All of sudden the artists on the ground floor stops and the lighting effects change the color of their body. Everyone illuminates separately just like a light bulb and give a mind boggling view. Later all the artists moved in the reversed direction and make an effect like thousands of blasts are occurring in the space. Artists move in different directions and this time it looks like thousands of comets are moving in different directions.

All in all, the great show can be said perfection combination of modern technology and ancient creativity. The best part is the theme of the dance which is giving the impression of different events of space like moving in the shape of the galaxy and shining like new starts.  Well, you must see this to remove the boredom of your routine life. This also reflects that you can be really extraordinary when the mutual efforts are made with the team.

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