This Lady Caught The UPS Drivers Awesome Behavior With Her Dogs, Then Exploits His Act For World To See!

About This Video:

Monotonous jobs need not be boring. When you try to be different, the world watches you. The world has always appreciated this uniqueness. And, it shows, from the number of times it has been viewed by people. And I am pretty certain that you have spent hours on YouTube or on Instagram watching videos and laughing your guts out. But then there are these other types of videos that make you all warm and mushy, especially when it involves man’s best friend, a dog.  These adorable creatures must truly be a gift from the heavens, they can make you laugh when you are sad and smile when you are crying.

Staci Speer Burns has seen this unique behavior in the UPS truck driver, Daniel Kidd. Deciding to take a video of the unique bond between her three Labrador and Daniel, she caught a very intimate picture of Daniel surrounded by the three dogs and taking a selfie with them. The picture was intended for her husband, but the video was so touching. It has tugged the hearts of people from all corners of the world. It’s going viral and has more than 1.4 million viewers showing their appreciation of this unique package delivery truck driver.

We have seen many mailmen, driver and delivery boys going about their regular duty without a show of emotion. Seeing something different has its impact on the viewer’s mind. Dogs are used to indifference from other human beings and a show of love gets so much love from these dumb animals that they are almost on top of the person who demonstrates his love. The third one is all over Daniel, licking him with his wet tongue, reciprocating the touch of affection that he sees in the delivery man.

Athens, Louisiana, is indeed a blessed neighborhood with pets like the three Labradors connecting with the human emotions with the likes of David visiting the area. Watch David playfully seated with the three canines surrounding him showing their affection and adoration. The light banter is seen on the driveway as David smiles with the three dogs, one hand holding the cell phone, posing casually with them. David puts his arms around the two dogs and immediately the third one, brown in color, comes in between to show his smile to the camera, to be a part of the picture taken by David. Nudging close to David, the brown animal moves in closer to him, not to be left out of the team. He is trying to say, he is closer than his two associates and puts his front pay on David’s leg to show his closeness.

Dogs are man’s best friends. But man has to be a human being to get such a response from these loving animals. Just a little warmth is enough to trigger this friendly bond from these little furry animals to a UPS driver. The loving shot is sought by many. And when you watch this video, you just can’t help but think about how dogs react when they are with you.

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