OMG I Can’t Stop Laughing! Is THIS What Elderly People Do For Fun?

About This Video:

Most of the people think that fun and pranks generally come to end when you age or get older but well this video does not actually relate to that. Well this video totally shows that pranks, fun and naughtiness never come to end rather humor more amazingly improves with age.

Sense of humor is something that definitely develops with age. The lady in the video was just chilling around when her husband was busy driving. She wanted to have some fun so she took off an extra steering that had been lying in the car and started imitating her husband.

Just then a man with car appeared to drive on the side of the lady. What the lady did next is nothing but hilarious. Watch this video to know what the woman did when she saw a young man driving a car. You will definitely end up on the floor laughing.

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