Artist Gets Voted Off on Reality Show, But Judges Quickly Apologize When They See Her Final Piece

About This Video:

A Swiss artist who tried her luck on Switzerland’s Got Talent has caught the interest of netizens not just because of her awesome skills, but also because of how the judges reacted.

Corrine Sutter, an artist who draws portraits in a caricature form, didn’t seem to impress the judges with her sketch of Gilbert Gress, one of the show’s judges. Given only a few seconds to captivate the judges, Sutter failed to do so and got voted off.

However, Sutter stayed on stage as if she wasn’t out of the competition.

Even after hearing the sound of the red buttons, Sutter continued finishing her portrait. She then flipped it upside down and blew a powder on top which revealed a detailed caricature of another judge, Bligg Zusammen.

Despite initially getting a thumbs down from all the four judges, Sutter received a standing ovation and got the chance to move on to the next round after three judges gave their approvals.

Indeed, art cannot be rushed. It takes time to create beautiful things and time is what Sutter didn’t have when she decided to audition for the show. Nevertheless, her talent compensated for her failure to impress judges within a certain time frame.



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