Learn How to Do This Simple But Extremely Effective Rolling Log Mouse Trap!

About This Video:

In the event that you have a mouse issue in your home, you’ve presumably attempted diverse approaches to catch and dispense of them. Possibly you want to utilize rodent killer feeds or even the classic mousetrap, which all alone is an efficient approach to trap the rodents in your home.  In the event that you are not exactly happy with the outcome and you are searching for a superior option, we may have the answer for you.

Presenting the “rolling logs mousetrap”. It is basically a metal cylinder that pivots along a middle bar. Its width is perfect to fit inside a 5-gallon bucket. It’s an incredible DIY project that you can without much of a stretch develop utilizing only 2 or 3 materials.

The trap was set in the barn and left overnight. A camera was set-up to see the action of the trap. It demonstrated mice strolling on the log to eat the decoy; when the log rolled, the mice fell straight to water.

See below the most efficient and cheapest mouse trap in the world:

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