Here’s What Happens When A Pretty Pink Barbie Jeep Gets Modified For Racing.

About This Video:

You probably already know what PowerWheels are, whether from owning and riding one as a kid or buying one for your own kids. The miniature battery-operated vehicles give kids the thrill of driving, at speeds safe enough for parents to feel alright. But what happens when some adults get their hands on these rides?

These guys decided to give the toy cars a little more power under the hood, and souped them up with a 110cc pit bike gas engine, four-speed manual transmission and an electric starter. The other cars featured here are a PowerWheels Ford F-150, Mustang convertible and Hummer H2. But let’s face it, the Barbie Jeep is the real star. If seeing a grown man ride in a superpower pink Barbie mobile is wrong, who wants to be right?

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