She Was Confused Why Her Fridge Never Had Any Ice. Then She Caught Her Dogs Doing THIS…

About This Video:

We’d all like to win a jackpot on the slot machines, but that is always something that happens to other people. It never happens to you. You can play as much as you want but you’ll never win anything. These beautiful 6 months old Golden Retriever puppies have found a slot machine where you always win! An ice maker machine on a fridge!

Every time they press the handle, ice comes out! It’s a 100% jackpot rate! Granted, ice might not seem like a great reward to you, but likewise money is no reward for a dog. What’s a pooch going to do with money? Nada! Ice, however… Now that’s a different story.

Some people say that gambling would not be interesting, or addictive if you always won… Well, these pups don’t seem to agree with that. Despite the 100% success rate, they seem absolutely hooked! Addicted as hell! They just can’t stop doing it.

Before finding out that her dogs had a gambling problem, the owner was really concerned about the fact that there was never any ice in her fridge. She would fill the ice maker with water, and it was obvious that it wasn’t broken, but still all the ice would disappear! Watch this hilarious video!

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