A Newborn Puppy Was Found On The Sidewalk Like This. But When You See What Follows? Oh, My…

About This Video:

Joy was a newborn puppy when he was found abandoned on the sidewalk in Romania. He was incredibly thin and small! He weighed only 160 grams! The problem with newborn puppies is that they need their mother to survive, and there are several reasons for that. Firstly, newborn puppies are blind, deaf and toothless. Secondly, they can’t maintain their body temperature. Not to mention the education a pup can receive from his or her mother! How to play, how to drink, and eat, how to defend himself etc.

This is why taking care of newborn pups is so challenging! A human could never do all those things. Luckily, that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t try, because in some cases it works very well! Joy was raised without his mom, and he grew up to become a beautiful, healthy, and playful pooch!

Two weeks before Christmas his foster family received the news that a family from Netherlands fell in love with Joy and wanted to adopt him! They made a round trip of over 2500km in order to get this little rascal! And of course it was worth it! Joy is now happy in his permanent home in Holland!

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