Dog Sees A Squirrel Climbing Up A Tree And Won’t Stop Chasing It Around

About This Video:

After watching this video, we think that a new idiomatic expression must be introduced into the English language, or any other language for that matter – “They are running in circles, like a dog and a squirrel!” or “He’s chasing her around like dog chasing a squirrel.” When you watch this video you will see why.

The squirrel is having a regular day up on the tree, and until she is noticed by a rather big pooch. The pooch decides, that he wants to catch the squirrel and get her off the tree, but that will prove to be a mission impossible. Even though, the pup is wagging his tale indicating that he is just playing, the squirrel is having none of that, and with her size compared to the dog’s we couldn’t possibly blame her!

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